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BMW 6 Series GT – Is this infotainment enough?

Credits: www.carwale.com

BMW rolled out the latest operating system 7 last year. This new update brings a lot of improvements to the existing layout as well as it offers some new features too. BMW has lately launched the 6 Series Gran Coupé that comes with the top-spec Live Cockpit Professional package with the OS 7. Let us find out what has exactly changed in this infotainment of the 6 Series GT.

Arguably, BMW iDrive is one of the best infotainment systems in any car. The story of iDrive began in 2001 when the German carmaker introduced a colour display in the instrument panel with a rotary dial named the iDrive controller. The 7 Series was the first car to be equipped with the then-new system. Presently, almost all cars in the BMW line-up get the dual-screen high-resolution display setup.

BMW has three different infotainment setups for all its car line-up. There is Live Cockpit, Live Cockpit Plus, and lastly the high-end Live Cockpit Professional. Every car and its variant in the inventory of the brand gets a different setup. For instance, the BMW 3 Series 330i Sport has the Live Cockpit while the 330i M Sport gets the Live Cockpit Professional with a 10.25-inch infotainment screen. Similarly, all the 6 Series GT models are equipped with BMW’s latest Live Cockpit Professional.

BMW 6 Series GT – Is this infotainment enough? - CarWale

The 6 Series GT has a dual-screen setup. There is a 12.3-inch digital driver display with another 12.3-inch (1920×720 pixels) touchscreen infotainment display. The central information display can be operated via touch, iDrive dial, voice commands, and gesture control. The iDrive dial supports touch functionality as well as handwriting recognition.

The touchscreen infotainment system now features live tiles on the home page. You can add up to ten tiles with multiple widgets such as media/radio, maps with route preview, sports display, driving information, weather, communication, etc. Additionally, there is a shortcut bar that gives access to media, communications, navigation, car setting, and app control centre.

BMW Virtual Assistant helps you set directions through voice command by saying ’Hey, BMW’. Moreover, the voice activation word can be changed to your favourite word. The navigation function is also designed to find nearby parking spots, cafés, restaurants, petrol stations, as well as set your home location. Besides, the system lets you create individual accounts of your family members or friends to have their preferred settings saved while one of them is driving the car. It even saves your account setting in a cloud database to give you the privilege to access your data in any other BMW car.

The updated secure valet mode in the new OS 7 restricts another person from going through the infotainment system. To switch the mode on, you need to set a password. Once it is set, you can switch on the valet mode which secures your iDrive data such as contacts, messages, addresses, etc. Furthermore, it gives an option to lock the tailgate of the car while the car is in valet mode.