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All Signs Point To Hyundai Dropping The Veloster Hatchback From US Range Soon

Credits: www.hotcars.com

There is growing evidence that Hyundai is getting rid of the standard car model.

The Hyundai Veloster is quite an ambiguous model. The extravagant hatchback won the hearts of car enthusiasts 10 years ago, barely hitting the market. But gradually the popularity of the hatchback segment fell and more practical and roomy crossovers came to the fore. Since 2016, Hyundai Veloster sales have steadily declined. According to Cars Direct, there is growing evidence that Hyundai may be considering getting rid of the standard car model.

The Hyundai Veloster is still sold in the US market today. However, recently, the company’s marketing policy became aimed at clearing warehouses. Scarcely more than two hundred hatchbacks can be found at all US dealerships. Moreover, most of them are offered in a hot N-version with a 275-horsepower engine.

Cars Direct experts assumed that in the close future, the Hyundai Veloster could totally be phased out. In Canada and Australia, these cars are already out of production, so this sounds realistic. One of the reasons for the predictions about the possible termination of production of the vehicle was the fact that from April 1, the brand stopped offering discounts for Veloster. Instead of the typical programs, Hyundai offers Final Pay, a special type of offer for dealers. As practice shows, it is often used in most cases to get rid of cars left in warehouses.

Hyundai Veloster Comments On The Situation

They contacted the Korean carmaker but received a vague response. A Hyundai spokesman said all versions of the Veloster are now in stock, including the Veloster Turbo and Veloster N. The past year has been a tough one for everyone. And although the model has a wide range of cool modifications, the sales of the model fell by half from 13 to 7.5 thousand copies. This is a drop in the ocean for a company that sold more than 620,000 cars in the United States in 2020.

According to statistics, currently, only about 200 Veloster units are available in warehouses, and many of them are Veloster N models. Veloster sales have been dropping even more in recent months. In March of this year, only 272 units were sold in the US. And for comparison, more than 12,500 Elantra vehicles left dealerships in the same month.