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You Have To Follow These Rules If You Want To Own A Rolls-Royce

As the ultimate symbol of luxury, Rolls Royce doesn’t let just anyone buy their cars, and those who do have plenty of stringent rules to follow.

In the auto industry, there are different levels of class, and some brands stand out from the pack; Rolls-Royce is one of these brands. With an iconic spirit of ecstasy emblem distinct to the Royce brand, the automaker is poised on standing out from the herd.Whether it be the Wraith, Phantom, or Cullinan, getting any car with the Rolls Royce badge requires a high level of passion and appreciation for the brand. It also requires the owner to follow some unique rules imposed by Rolls Royce, such as these.

Appropriate Maintenance

Rolls-Royces don’t come cheap and for good reason. The label connotes respect and luxury and the automaker wants it that way. So acquiring a Rolls-Royce isn’t just paying a one-off price for the beauty. Rolls-Royce also has to make sure the buyer can afford the high maintenance fee that comes with the purchase of its car.

Some lottery winners have had trouble buying a Royce since they have no record of sustainable wealth. Whilst Rolls-Royce claims anyone can own their cars, they prefer those with social status who can maintain the upkeep. In fact, buyers provide income statements to prove they can maintain the car.

Vetting Drivers

For most auto brands, buying their car is enough—not Rolls-Royce. They know most buyers won’t drive the cars themselves; especially buyers of its non-sporty cars like the Cullinan and Ghost. Rolls-Royce would not let just anyone sit behind the wheel of its car.

They request background information of the chauffeur buyers intend before purchase and have firmly suggested a new or different chauffeur for those who didn’t meet their criteria. This automaker isn’t worried about losing customers; it cares about preserving the brand’s prestige.

Only Approved Repair Shops

Ever seen a Rolls-Royce at the local repair shop? Probably not. Not unless you live in a rich neighborhood, Rolls-Royce’s don’t come by your local repair shop for good reason. First, Rolls-Royce has its list of approved dealerships that handle repairs for customers.Second, a majority of mechanics wouldn’t even know how to fix a Royce automobile with its distinctive setup and parts. Services provided by Royce’s dealership include roadside support for a reason. The automaker frowns at unauthorized craftsmen working on its cars.

Always Answer Monitor Alert Calls

Since a Rolls-Royce is one of the most technologically advanced cars in any segment, it’s only fitting its services are as good. The automaker offers immediate response for vehicle owners in case of an emergency. All Rolls-Royce comes installed with an automatic E-Call feature, an SOS service that triggers a call to the nearest emergency center in times of emergency.

When the cars’ sensors detect a collision or the airbags get activated, a teleservice will make an automatic call to the car to see if assistance is needed. Rolls-Royce requires drivers to always answer such calls. A similar requirement is that clients continually download updates for better services.

Sign A Waiver To Deactivate Teleservices

As established, Rolls-Royce monitors its vehicles and uses the information acquired to provide better services for its clients. But of course, not everyone would want to give out their private information in exchange for better services.The automaker has a remedy for that: clients who don’t want support from Rolls-Royce or worry about their privacy can sign a waiver where they waive the rights to any assistance provided by the auto brand.

Consider Turning The Car Back Over

It’s true Rolls-Royce is built to last, but as with any other vehicle, a Rolls-Royce has a life span too.And after the car has been driven and used enough, the auto brand prefers clients hand it back to them.

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