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Witness A Pagani Huayra And Lamborghini Aventador Embarking On Cross Country Rally

The two supercars blasted out of Los Angeles up Pacific Coast Highway on their way to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for this year’s sold out GR2020.

While the automotive industry generally focuses on ridiculously powerful supercars, potent factory off-roaders with massive engines and long-travel suspension, or futuristic electric concept cars, the sad truth is that most car owners just want something reliable and affordable to get them around town. As fun as drag race videos might be to watch, very few commuter car buyers are worried about their quarter-mile times (though that doesn’t stop people from testing just that). But supercar owners are a whole different story, as they spend gobs of cash hoping to get absurd performance out of a luxurious, flashy product. And yet, supercar owners probably still expect some modicum of reliability. But the YouTube channel Savage Garage has been exploring that idea of late, with a recent video featuring a $2 million Mansory-modified Bugatti Veyron with a fuel filler cap that won’t open, plus a new clip featuring a Pagani Huayra and a Lamborghini Aventador setting out on this year’s Gold Rush Rally.

The two mid-engined Italian supercars share the same heritage, as Horacio Pagani formerly worked on advanced composite materials for Lamborghini before starting his own brand. But just like Fiats and Alfa Romeos have developed a reputation for dubious reliability, so have these supercars—especially Lamborghini, with the firm’s well-known penchant for spontaneous combustion.

Filling Up On Fuel

Of course, driving a Pagani Huayra or a Lamborghini Aventador from Los Angeles to Jackson Hole, Wyoming should be on every gearheads’ bucket list—filling up the gas tank constantly on the way is just a minimal price of entry. The Gold Rush Rally itself, however, sold out despite any lingering pandemic concerns among participants.

Starting Strong

As the duo blasts out of Los Angeles up the Pacific Coast Highway, with a stop at the parking lot of Gladstone’s 4 Fish at Sunset Boulevard, they’re surrounded by a host of other supercars from the likes of Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and more.

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