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What We Know So Far About The Next-Gen Lamborghini Aventador

While retaining the naturally aspirated V12 characteristic of the brand, the new Aventador will derive assistance from a hybrid system.

The next-generation Lamborghini Aventador is expected in 2021, and with it will come notable changes. While retaining the naturally aspirated V12 characteristic of the brand, the new Aventador will derive assistance from a hybrid system. This addition moves in concert with EV and hybrid trends without sacrificing the core character of the supercar’s powertrain.

The decision to stray away from a fully electric motor is one that will be supported by Lamborghini enthusiasts, who have long stressed the importance of retaining the classic V12. Lamborghini’s chief technical officer Maurizio Reggiani explained the hybrid strategy will help comply with emissions regulations and help optimize components for maximum torque. Implementation of the hybrid system will certainly be accompanied by a shift in vehicle weight and power.

The Lamborghini V12 And Hybrid Systems

The very essence of a Lamborghini is based on its naturally aspirated V12, which creates a distinguished and characteristic roar. In a 2016 interview, CEO Stefano Domenicali explained the importance of maintaining the naturally aspirated engine as a part of Lamborghini’s DNA.  For future models, it is important for Lamborghini to retain the naturally aspirated engine to continue with the automaker’s heritage.

The hybrid powertrain will balance advancements in technology with the classic feel of a Lamborghini. CTO Maurizio Reggiani explained that the ideal solution for the upcoming powertrain would incorporate electric motors for the front and a traditional rear-mounted V12.

Lamborghini has already released a hybrid concept with the Sián, which couples the classic V12 with a supercapacitor. With this powerful hybrid design, the Sián outputs 807 horsepower and has a top speed of over 220mph. Although it’s not likely the newest Aventador will have a supercapacitor, it will certainly derive some power from electric motors.The V-12 has been part of the story of Lamborghini since the very beginning”, said CTO Maurizio Reggiani; “It has been present in every year of our history, which is why our strategy and our vision for the future is to continue to have a V-12 coupled with a hybrid motor.”

The New Aventador May Not Arrive Until 2024

The hybrid Aventador will help Lamborghini comply with increasingly stringent CO2 emissions standards without eliminating the visceral potency of the V12. The engine will also preserve the automaker’s long-standing tradition of creating incredible power without the assistance of turbos or superchargers.  According to reports, the next generation Aventador may arrive in 2024.The new system does not come without challenges, however, one of them being additional weight. Reggiani explained to Car and Driver that the optimization of weight will be an important factor when designing the electric system. Rather than focusing on electric range, the designers will likely place emphasis on the driving experience, power, and overall handling.

Although the car may be heavier, it may compensate through increased power from the electrical system. Lamborghini’s CTO said that electrical systems can help increase the car’s power without sacrificing its essence. “You can add performance, but you can also fill in the weaknesses of the naturally aspirated engine, especially where torque is weak”, Reggiani said.

Many automakers have indicated a shift to all-electric cars, complying with regulations yet eliminating the purity of a naturally aspirated engine. Even if significant amounts of power are harnessed from electrical assistance, Lamborghini is continuing an important tradition by retaining its V12.

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