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These European Cruisers Will Make Harley Owners Green With Envy

Europe doesn’t get enough recognition when it comes to great cruiser bikes. Here are 10 coolest ones that will easily overshadow a Harley on the road.

Whenever cruiser motorcycles are mentioned, Harley-Davidson usually dominates the conversation, while Indian provide an amazing alternative. Japan is likewise famous for putting together some terrific machines, both on two and four wheels alike. And on the other side of the globe, many Japanese cruisers put Harley-Davidsons to shame. Yet it can’t be ignored how amazing some of the cruiser bikes produced in Europe are. They may not get the press, but they definitely deserve it.

Whether it’s from the UK, Italy, or another nation, these bikes provide high-tech performance combined with comfort and a style other countries can’t touch. They can be captivating on the road yet better to drive. Here are ten of the best European cruiser bikes that put both Harley-Davidson and Japan to shame in terms of fine performance married to gorgeous looks.


Triumph Bonneville Bobber

Even the name sounds fun. The Triumph Bonneville Bobber has been one of the company’s most loved cruisers since its release in 2017 and just improves every year. The company doesn’t offer any fancy additions or gizmos but a straight-up, stripped-down cruiser that makes up in performance what it lacks in frills.

The 1200cc can get 77 hp, and 78 lb-ft of torque and the new “Black” model adds liquid cooling and improved clutch for a great ride to bob along the road.


Moto Guzzi California Touring

It may sound odd for an Italian company to offer a bike themed to the Golden State, but it works. The California Touring possesses a 90-degree V-Twin 1380cc engine, which produces 96 bhp of power and 89 lb-ft of torque and mated to a shaft drive 6-speed transmission.

The design is unique with a 710-pound frame, yet somehow, it feels much lighter once it gets going on the road. The result is a bike that’s a terrific ride in any state and another gem from Moto Guzzi.


BMW Nmoto Inc. Nostalgia

As the name implies, the BMW Nmoto Inc Nostalgia is a throwback cruiser with a modern touch. It takes its power from a BMW R7 but the underpinnings of an R9. It promises the performance of a retro bike without all that annoying upkeep and backs it up nicely.

The 1170cc engine can make 110 hp for a top speed of 140 mph and surprisingly light (452 pounds) with all that steel. It manages the epic feat of making an already classic motorcycle even better.


Triumph Rocket 3 TFC

There’s a risk when you name your bike after something amazingly fast and can’t back it up. Luckily, the Triumph Rocket 3 TFC avoids that trap. The bike’s engine is an astonishing 2500cc for a claimed horsepower close to 170 and 160 lb-ft of torque.

It also looks incredible with its black matte, chrome, and high-tech additions ensuring this turns heads…assuming they can keep up with such a stunning speed.

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