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The Pagani Huayra Interior Looks Like A Spaceship From The Future

Things get wild on the inside of the Pagani Huayra as the interior looks so futuristic that we could be forgiven to think it was from another planet.

In the world of hypercars and supercars, nothing stands out from the crowd quite like the Huayra. Its outlandish design resonates with automotive enthusiasts all over the world and makes a statement wherever it goes.That is just on the outside, as things get even wilder on the inside with the interior looking so futuristic that we could be forgiven to think it was from another planet. The seats look nothing like seats and are adorned with the finest bespoke materials in a car that buyers can pretty much spec as they well see fit.For the sake of this article, we will focus on the interior design Pagani himself signed off on. If it was good enough for his show cars then that surely has to be the benchmark.

Only The Best Will Do

At this price point, it comes as no surprise that the materials used in the Huayra are all premium and all exude incredible quality.From the leather seats to the variety of high-quality metals the interior is a great place to be. Not even a hint of plastic can be seen anywhere. It truly sets itself apart in quality alone, with even the very best manufacturers guilty of borrowing some components from their “less hyper” car models. For Pagani, they have nothing to lean on so only the best of the best make it into the car, each and every component is well thought out and made to fit with the overall theme of the car.The best example of this is the fact that every bolt used in the vehicle is titanium. Add up the cost of all those bolts and it will total $120,000 for each car!

Impressive (Yet Expected) Detail

The car has no desire to please everyone; it is rolling art, art that wants to make a statement.As far as statements go, the interior is a big one. It certainly won’t please everyone, but the quality is indisputable. The most striking feature of the interior, arguably the most striking feature of the whole car has to be the shifter. It is a thing of immense beauty, not only from a design perspective but from an engineering perspective, too. With the completely exposed mechanism, they leave no corner to cut, it is a way of exhibiting something usually hidden.Quality is obviously expected at this level, but they deliver in a way that nobody could really imagine possible.

Alternative Design

The Huayra makes a statement from pretty much every angle, it looks, and in so many ways, feels like something from the future.

The materials they use are space-grade, from lightweight carbon fiber to high strength titanium they spare no expense. It is an extremely exclusive car, the interior succeeds where so many other brands fail, it continues to remind the driver just how exclusive it is every time they get behind the wheel. Instead of comfort and functionality, style and quality take point with the Pagani experience being the overall goal.

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