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The Audi AI:TRAIL Concept Is The Future Of Off-Roading

Furnished with hammocks for seats, drones for headlights, and emission-free driving, the AI: TRAIL is claimed to be the future of off-roading.

AI is expanding its domain rapidly across industries and the auto world is no exception. Manufacturers are rushing to be the first ones, to develop smart cars in every possible segment. The latest to join in on the AI action is Audi, only the AI stands here for Audi Intelligence. With their four visionary use case vehicles: AI:CON, AI:RACE, AI:ME and AI:TRAIL, Audi is set to rule the market. According to the brand, there lies a unique design philosophy behind all four concepts. The core theme is that the driver is not the center of attraction anymore. It’s the passengers instead, which is why the automaker has given special attention to their needs and feedback.

Audis do not usually go hand in hand with adventures, but they are determined to change things now. The AI:TRAIL Quattro is a special concept car from the luxury carmaker. The 4-seater all-electric off-roader has been designed to conquer some of the most difficult terrains out there. This supercar was recently unveiled at the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show and the gearheads haven’t stopped buzzing ever since. It boasts of a ton of innovative and super useful features. Last, in their series of concept AI cars, the off-roader looks like a moon rover or an alien car from one of those Netflix sci-fi shows. However, the stunning specifications more than make up for the radical exteriors. Fully electric and equipped with all sorts of humanely imaginable features, it is surely a wet dream of both serious off-road drivers and fanatics.

Furnished with hammocks for seats, drones for headlights, and emission-free driving, the AI: TRAIL is claimed to be the future of off-road transportation, and we can’t agree more. Scroll till the end to find out how and why.

Power-Packed And Light

This brilliant concept car from Audi is packed with power. As evident from the name Quattro, the AI:TRAIL will come equipped with an all-wheel-drive, thanks to the four electric motors for each wheel. The motors are installed near the wheels and drive them directly. They can churn a combined output of 429 horsepower and 738 lb-ft (1000 nm) of torque. Going by the official statement, there might be an option for selective deactivation at the axles too.

It boasts of a powerful battery with an estimated off-road range of 248 to 310 miles on a single charge. The range is reported to drop to around 155 miles on hilly or bumpy trails. In spite of a rather chunky body, massive wheels, large battery, and four motors, AI:TRAIL is surprisingly light at 3,858 pounds courtesy of the lightweight materials used like carbon fiber, aluminum, and high tech steel.

Self Driving Abilities On-Road And Off-Road

The AI:TRAIL is equipped with limited self-driving abilities on select off-road terrains too, along with on-road courses. The pod-like supercar will offer Level 4 autonomous drive system (the second-highest level according to the standard international scale for automation) on the paved roads with the help of optical sensors. The special sensors detect bumps, obstacles, and the general condition of the road, all the while storing the data in the central driver assistance system. A limited automated driving will be possible on the dirt trails or off-road tracks too, albeit at a slower speed on Level 3 range.

Studded With Interesting Off-Roading Features

One of the craziest concept cars, this alien-ish vehicle boasts of some really awesome off-roading features. Being an AEV, it is emission-free; a large, efficient battery ensures brilliant range and monstrous performance, and individual motors make for some serious AWD action. The feature that grabs eyeballs though, is the headlight. The AI:TRAIL has 5 drones instead of traditional headlights. Needless to say that they don’t just illuminate the path ahead (and either side by the way) but also double up as cameras. They dock to the roof and beam videos back to the driver if and when they want to see around. The drones do not stop at that, they can also be bunched together to be your personal spotlight (for those Instagram-worthy pictures).

Next up is the rear seats which are actually hammocks. They are made of fabric on a steel frame. These suspended seats can be removed and used as chairs or hammocks, for outdoor seating on your adventure trips. There are large windows that extend beyond the usual lengths making for larger-than-life views. The car is studded with a lot more removable accessories like binoculars, water bottles, Light Companion (which serves as a powerful torch when removed), etc.

It can easily ford streams up to 0.5 meter deep all thanks to the generous ground clearance of about 340 mm. Concluding, this crazy car loves cheap thrills. Made with sustainable materials like wood, wool, and recycled leather carpets, the AI:TRAIL concept is truly the future of off-road adventures.

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