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Stunning Supra Rendering Envisions A Ferrari Contender

Digital artist Georgi Bozhkov used the base of a Lexus LC500 for inspiration. We love it when cars are rendered just for the hell of it. We have seen some awesome renderings in the past, of wild concept cars or crazy “what-ifs” on cars we would love to see. And this falls into the latter category. Ever wondered what a modern Supra built entirely by Toyota might look like? Designer Georgi Bozhkov has answered your call, with this amazing Toyota Supra.

Influenced By The Lexus LC

The Supra has of course made a comeback, but that was with ties to BMW, which is rather disappointing for some folks. This, however, is a render of what would be a fully-fledged Toyota Supra revival, all done in-house in Japan. The concept by Georgi retains similar proportions to the original base, the LC. It has the same long hood and short rear trunk area for example. But the front end is perhaps where the biggest change lies.

With Traces Of A80 Supra

Gone is the huge Lexus grille. In its place is a rounded front-end, more aggressive, sleeker as well. It is quite reminiscent of the A80 Supra, showing this would be a homegrown Supra revival. Side-by-side with the original Supra, we can clearly see where its origins lie. Other features on the car include the tall rear wing and the rear taillights. These features make for a perfect combination of a retro-look but also like they belong in a modern car.

In a description posted along with his renderings, artist Georgi states: “…but my idea is to be something that can be a rival to the Ferrari coupes, like that legendary Fast and Furious scene with the drag between the Toyota and the Ferrari.

A Cost-Effective Return

The current new Supra is not a bad car, but the Supra faithful were not happy that it was done with interference from BMW, and thus it caused a lot of controversy. The positive was that Toyota was able to make a new model relatively cost-effective. The bad news though is that it caused controversy and left a relatively bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths. The new Supra also has a big rival in the new Nissan Z Proto. This new Supra would certainly fix a lot of those issues with the current model! Georgi did this concept in his own time, amounting to around a year’s worth of work for him.

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