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Raptor Lite: New Ford F-150 Tremor boasts off-road cred

The Ford F-150 is expanding its menu of pickup trucks with a meaty, off-road offering in its Tremor lineup. Call it Raptor Lite.

Taking inspiration from Ford’s tree-chewing Raptor supertruck, the 2021 F-150 Tremor is dressed in an aggressive new hood and grille, and boasts off-road goodies like 33-inch tires, skid plate, front and rear locking-differentials, and increased suspension travel. It will compete with off-road offerings like the Ram Rebel, Chevy Silverado Trail Boss and GMC Sierra AT4.

It is the third Tremor offering in the Blue Oval’s pickup lineup following the mid-size Ranger Tremor and heavy-duty Ford F-250 and F-350 Tremors. While pricing for the new F-150 package has not been announced, expect it to cost around $4,000. It goes on sale in the summer of 2021.Like Super Duty Tremor and Ranger Tremor, introducing the all-new F-150 Tremor is a response to seeing how customers use our trucks to enable their outdoor lifestyles,” said Ford truck marketing boss Todd Eckert.

Bisecting the front grille below the swollen hood is an “Active Orange” bar that stands out next to the blacked-out Ford logo. Dual orange tow-hooks peek out of the truck’s raised chin. Tremor logos tattooed on the box, tailgate and side panel also feature splashes of orange. Inside, Active Orange punctuates more Tremor detailing, including seat stitching and dash and door finishes.

Wardrobe aside, Tremor is distinguished by rugged, off-road hardware. Under the skin of the aluminum, SuperCrew cab is standard four-wheel drive and an upgraded suspension with added ground clearance. Also standard are locking rear and front differentials (torque-on-demand transfer case similar to the F-150 Raptor is on offer) married to meaty 33-inch tires. The tires make for a more aggressive, wider stance, while a Raptor-like bash plate protects the front chin when drivers explore the big truck’s 27.6-degree approach angle.

Pushing the big beast is a 400-horse turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 – just shy of the Raptor’s 450. Off-road hardware extends to the cabin, with a six-position auxiliary power switch  on the overhead console so owners can easily add off-road winches and air compressors. The new, 2021 F-150 architecture enables a 2-watt on-board generator to power tools or football tailgate accessories like TVs and grills.

The Tremor can tow 10,900 pounds. With a payload rating of 1,885 pounds, the standard 5½-foot box can handle dirt bikes and ATVs when the trail ends.In addition to its standard features, the Tremor offers goodies like a 360-degree camera and Trail Control – a sort of low-speed cruise-control. Familiar to Raptor owners, it allows pedal-free driving to make extreme off-road driving like rock-crawling easier. Determined to go anywhere, anytime, Tremor offers a Rock Crawl mode to go with standard drive modes including Tow/Haul and Mud/Rut.

The Tremor builds on the off-road capability of F-150’s familiar FX4 off-road package. The F-series broad lineup of pickups is the best-selling truck in the US with nearly 900,000 units in 2019.  First models of the 14th-generation 2021 F-150 began shipments to dealers this week.

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