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People Still Believe These 10 Ridiculous Car Myths

Here are some car popular car myths that are so ridiculous they’ll make you wonder why people believe in them in the first place.

There is a lot about cars that people can misunderstand. Sadly, many unscrupulous dealers or mechanics have taken advantage of the unsuspecting owner who buys into how they need to pay top dollar for supposed problems that don’t exist. It’s not helped by how the Internet can have people sharing everything from urban legends to flat-out lies as actual facts. True, many months are based on some truth, but times have changed.

Advancements in technology have fixed a lot of issues, but some still believe in things of the past being true today. Some myths were never real in the first place but are still believed. Even with books and experts’ scores out there, too many can fall into believing these stories and complicating things. Here are ten car myths people amazingly still believe despite all evidence to the contrary.

10. Premium Gas Improves Performance

It’s rather remarkable this fallacy remains. When people gas up at the pump, many will choose premium gas, figuring that being more expensive means it’s much better and thus lasts longer. But the premium is only about five octanes higher than unleaded.

It’s also meant for luxury cars, not speed machines, and putting it into a regular car engine can actually be harmful. It’s simply not worth the extra pay at the pump for little in performance value.

9. Cars Are An Investment

One of the biggest mistakes a new car owner can make is thinking they’ll only need one car for their entire life. Others will think they can hold onto it for a while and then sell it for a profit down the line. But unless the car is a near-priceless machine, an owner will always take a loss.

Even the best supercars depreciate over time and more when a new model comes out. That’s not to mention increasing costs on insurance and repairs, so rather than a great payoff in the future, a car can cost more over time.

8. Muscle Cars Can’t Turn

How this remains so ingrained even among muscle buffs is baffling. Granted, it was actually true that classic muscle cars had issues handling curves as the V8 engines and heavy suspension weighed it down.

But thanks to advancements in technology, most modern muscle cars can hug a curve better than some supercars. Even some classic muscle machines can handle a turn better than believed.

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