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Most selling hatchbacks in october 2020 in India

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Being the home company of India it is obvious that the company ideally knows the requirements and the services that should be provided to the Indian public, hence tops the chart of October too. Swift from Maruti Suzuki is considered as the most efficient car since its first model, it is a package of a stylish, reasonable, economical, compact and spacious car together. Increasing by 27% of sales as compared to October 2019, 24,589 units of Maruti Suzuki Swift were sold in October 2020.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Maruti Suzuki holds the second position too with one of the most successful premium hatchback cars of the industry, i.e. Baleno. Nexa, the premium segment of Maruti Suzuki has manufactured this amazing car that is very spacious and equipped with fascinating features according to a hatchback car. Baleno is a competition to Hyundai’s i20 and has been successful in being better in maintenance costs, service costs and easy availability of services. 21,971 Baleno units were sold in October 2020 which is a straight increment of 35% from last year.

Maruti Suzuki Alto

Alto being one of the cheapest and affordable cars of India gets a position on 3rd number. Alto has a very basic body design and less power compared to other cars. It is something that is just made to fulfil the needs of having a car, it does not serve you any advanced features, hence it is very affordable. Availability of spare parts is very easy, service and maintenance are very nominal and it proves to be the most economical car for the Indian public. Maruti Suzuki has sold 17,850 units of Alto in October 2020 and the score remains almost similar every year.

Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS

Hyundai is dealing with manufacturing cars that provide reliability with being reasonable. I10 has always been a satisfactory model from Hyundai. The new model NIOS looks more stylish and has a tough body. I20 has made a stunning growth in sales as compared to last year, this makes it visible how the Indian public is trusting the company with hatchbacks. Hyundai has sold 14,003 units of i10 in October 2020 which was 9873 units last year.

Hyundai i20 Elite

A car where Hyundai transformed the definition of hatchback cars, the old i20 was great too but needed many upgrades that are fulfilled by Elite models. The ultimate premium hatchback has made its name on fire in the segment. The company offers advanced features in an acceptable price range. Even after the downfall in sales, the car holds 5th position among the most selling cars. 8399 units of i20 have been sold in October 2020.

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