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Maruti Suzuki Updated its Subscription Plan

The automobile industry has faced a severe breakdown at this year’s pandemic. As the lockdown has become moderate these days, the industry is catching back the flow of sales. Maruti Suzuki, the Indian automaker has manifested a nice comeback in the market in September and October 2020 and also gave a good performance in sales that fell down at the time of the strict lockdown after March 2020. Maruti Suzuki has notified a sales growth of 21% in august 2020 which is a positive sign for the company.

With this comeback and due to a nice customer relationship with the company, the company started a new subscription plan for the ease of fulfilment of the dream of people to have a car and recently updated the scheme by adding new cities in this facility. Maruti Suzuki subscribe had already been set up in Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore and has initiated the addition of four new cities, i.e. Chennai, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Gandhinagar.

This subscription system has been adopted by most of the automakers that issue the scheme of getting the car on lease. This car leasing system is a very suitable step and a customer-oriented step that allows customers to enjoy the feel of a car without a load of big amounts. In the subscription, the companies rent their cars for a huge amount of time and charge their customers monthly.

Maruti Suzuki has designed this cool option for the customers to get a car without even owning it. Customers can select their models from Arena as well as Nexa outlets. Customers can lease their required car for 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, or 48 months of duration for which they need to pay a monthly rent as per the subscription. The starting range of this subscription quotes Rs.14,665 for Maruti Suzuki Swift Lxi for a period of 48 months. Once the duration of the lease comes to an end, the customers have three options, either they can extend the subscription, they can purchase the same car at the current market price or they can upgrade to another model.

The executive director ( marketing and sales ) Mr Shashank Shrivastava said, “The Maruti Suzuki Subscribe program has received encouraging response from the customers. We have received over 6,600 enquiries in the first few months of pilot launch.” The company has planned to avail the subscription facility in 40-60 cities in 2-3 years to devastate the convenience for their customers and to increase the availability of the services. The cost of the subscription will vary according to the cities and will provide services like zero down payment, included registration fee, insurance and maintenance.

Maruti Suzuki’s step is appreciated by other automakers that are already in the subscription providing club like Skoda, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Jeep. This facility is truly provided for customers to fulfil their dreams of a car and can enjoy the feel of Maruti Suzuki’s products. This is also a good way for youngsters who are interested in trying new cars and can switch on other cars in short durations of time.

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