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Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Modified with Luxurious Features

Maruti Suzuki all-new Ertiga is the best-selling MPV in the Indian market for a long time now. The second-generation Ertiga has been selling like hotcakes and there are many who have also modified the car in exciting ways. Here is one such Maruti Suzuki Ertiga that has been modified with a slew of aftermarket features that also make the car look and feel much more luxurious.

At the front, the car gets a lower grille design, which is similar to the stock grille of MPV. There is also a black bumper insert that adds a robust look to the vehicle. The stock headlamps have been modified and now have LED DRLs that are positioned inside the housing. Also, it gets multi-mode fog lamps that throw different shades of light depending on the requirement. There is a yellow light coming from the fog lamp that is quite useful during the rainy and foggy conditions while the white light is useful in the regular, night driving conditions.

There are no changes to the side but it now gets some good looking roof rails. The sleek roof rails increase the height of the Ertiga and add a sleek look. At the rear, a new bumper has been added with four fake exhaust tips. Also, the pillar brake lamp has been added and they are dynamic. The lights dance according to the use of the brake pedal.

There is a slew of changes on the inside too and to start with, all the door panels get carbon fibre texture with walnut leather diamond stitching. Even the seat covers have been updated to walnut coloured leatherette with side bolsters and look extremely good too. There is a central armrest installed with a lot of space inside. The stock steering wheel has been modified with carbon fibre texture and leather stitching too.

There is ambience lighting system and all the doors get coloured LED lamps that light up the water bottles. There is an aftermarket floating-type infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay system. There is also a coating on the glasses and windows that reduces the UV light and ensures that the cabin stays cooler. The transparency is not hampered with these kinds of films so they are not illegal to install.

The door sills get illuminated Ertiga branded stripes. The modder has also added an aftermarket security system with the customised key FOB. With the new system, all the four windows will automatically roll up once the car is locked. Also, by pressing the unlock buttons three times, all the windows open up.

The exact cost of modification done to the vehicle is not known but you can contact the seller directly. Such modifications are not illegal but if the service centre finds out that wires have been spliced or cut, they may void the warranty of the electricals.

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