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Here’s What We Expect From The All New Maserati MC20

A monster capable of going from 0 to 100 km/ in just 2.9 seconds. Here’s what we expect from the Maserati MC20.

Maserati is one of the biggest names in the automobile industry. The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles owned company has been a pioneer of sorts in terms of sports cars, thanks to its rich Motorsports history and initial association with Ferrari. The Italian company is renowned for its stunning cars, most of them dubbed as “sports saloons”.Next up is the Maserati MC20. The supercar will represent a number of firsts of all kinds for the Italian company. Think of a championship-winning MC12 and F1 design in a road package. That’s what the Maserati MC20 is all about.

The MC20 is expected to be revolutionary in more than one way. And when we say revolutionary, we’re talking about a vehicle that is expected to be stronger, lighter, safer, faster, and more advanced than any other Maserati car.A monster capable of going from 0 to 100 km/ in just 2.9 seconds. Here’s what we expect from the Maserati MC20.

Best In Class Ergonomics & Performance

Maserati has always impressed us in the past with their sleek, powerful, and elegant cars, but the new MC20 is quite an achievement, even by Maserati’s own standards. The Italian super sports car audaciously undermines its predecessors and competitors. This beauty of a sports car is powered by a unique Nettuno engine at its heart – the first ever used in a Maserati. The new Nettuno engine is a 3.0 Litre V6, custom-built with patented racing-derived technology.

The ergonomics are exquisite with this one. The Maserati MC20 is astonishingly feather light for the performance it delivers. The prodigious power-weight ratio helps propel this bad boy like a jet on the streets. “Hot-blooded and Pure Bred”, the new Maserati MC20 goes from 0 to 62 m/h in lesser than 2.9 seconds and to 124m/h in less than 8.8 seconds.  The speed demon can generate a max torque of 538 lb-ft. The displacement is at 183 cubic inches, which is not very surprising for a hyper sports-car. The car also knows a thing or two about protecting itself, as it is pre-equipped with an automatic dry slum lubricating system.

Most hypercars are built low to enhance aerodynamics and gain propulsion. The new MC 20 is built to stand 48 inches tall, 3 inches more than the standard Bugatti Chiron. With an impressive length of 184 inches, this Maserati very intelligently makes up for the low height of the car. A supercar this fast and sleek can only be handled with robust, gripping, and strong tires. Maserati takes utmost care of that factor too. The front of the car sports best in class 245/35, ZR 20 tires, while the rear end sports sturdy 305/30, ZR 20 tires.

Luxury With Purpose

With the new MC 20, Italian Motorsport has made a triumphant return to the global stage. This speed monster has been created with luxury at the threshold of its design and delivery. The hypercar is built using hi-tech, ultra-light, carbon-fiber monocoque. Enriched with high torsional and bending stiffness, this material substantially improves the strength, speed, safety, and overall utility of this bad boy. The makers have combined the efficient performance of the MC20 with the spirit of the Maserati GT to create a unique fusion of the best.

The cabin is a fusion of luxury and technology. Crafted with expertise, the luxurious interiors will leave you jaw dropped. The Maserati supercar boasts the ultimate next-gen interface which includes an incredible, customizable TFT instrument cluster, and a connected infotainment system. Making its Maserati debut is the optional Sonus-Faber High-premium Audio System – one of the best audio systems in Italy. Not Impressed yet? Did we mention that the new Maserati MC 20 comes with the most stylish butterfly doors you’ll ever see! The stunning bodywork is a treat to watch in every available color scheme but one that caught our attention is the one in red.

Multiple Driving Modes

The New Maserati MC 20 allows you to drive in 4 distinct BESPOKE Driving Modes. First up is the GT mode – built for the open road. A culmination of performance and comfort, the GT mode carries the spirit of the Maserati GT. Ideal for daily driving, this mode provides smooth shifting and soft suspensions. Next up is the Sport mode. You’re in for an adrenaline rush with the track-ready thrills in this mode. Faster and direct gear-shifting helps tighten the grip, while the suspension gets stiffer. The result is a superlative on-track experience.

The king of these driving modes is the Corsa mode – which unleashes the beast in your car. Maximum power is immediately made available, gear shifting becomes lighting quick, the exhaust valves are constantly opened, while traction control gets lesser. You can also activate the launch control electronic aid to open the floodgates of free-flowing acceleration! Last but not least is the Wet mode. This mode helps you maintain the grip of your car when it’s a rainy day or the asphalt is humid and slippery.

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