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Here’s What We Expect From The 2021 Land Rover Defender

The 2021 Land Rover Defender comes redesigned, ready for muddy encounters and on-road capabilities. The new defender adds on technology and comfort to the legendary off-roading abilities of the predecessor. Everything is now modernized, starting from the interior to the exterior. When discussing off-road cars, the Defender never misses a mention.

The Defender returns as refined and practical but still a versatile Sports Utility Vehicle. It comes with changes in performance, suspension as well as the interior to make it suitable as a daily driver to the job as well as evenings out or weekend camping in the rocks. It is blending the abilities of a luxury SUV with off-roading antics. Such a combo in one car is normally found in higher priced cars like Land Cruisers or the Benz G-Wagon. The defender comes with almost similar capabilities but most importantly at a lower cost.

Performance Under The Hood

The new defender can also come with a turbocharged, supercharged, and intercooled DOHC 24-valve 3.0l inline-6 that churns out a massive 395hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. Both engines are faster than the previous model highest trim rated at 182 hp, despite it being a V8.

It is claimed the 3.0l runs to 60mph from a standstill in a cool 5.0 seconds while the base engine completes the same fate in around 7.7 seconds. It is a massive improvement from the previous generation that achieved the same fate in double-digit figures.The two engines are coupled to an 8-speed automatic transmission sending power to all the four wheels thanks to the full-time AWD system alongside locking differentials as part of the off-road package.

Sleek Body Design

The new Defender moves from the predecessor’s body-on-frame stick-axle styling to a new independent suspension both at the front and rear. These are among the most notable improvements on the Defender. It offers a smooth and quiet ride thanks to the air suspension new to the Defenders but common in luxury sedans and SUVs. It adds to the lineup height-adjustable air springs that enable the driver to control the ride height at the start of a button. You’re safe when going off-road thanks to the multi-terrain response system that allows you to pick a driving mode suitable for the road you’re on.

The generous automakers have also added a third-row seat to the unit. When the third row is up, the cargo space is somewhat cramped thus the unit is roomier for the bags when folded down. It is worthwhile to note the gear lever and the ignition have been moved from the center console to the center stack near the dashboard. At times in some trims, you can flip back the center console to provide room for three front passengers in case you need an extra seating position.

New Technology

The Defender is armed with cameras for improved on-road, off-road, and reverse views. The unit is a go-anywhere vehicle loaded with ultrasonic sensors mounted on the door mirrors to detect the depth of water if during off-roading moments you happen to cross some stream.

Driver assistant technology includes an automated emergency braking with obstacle detection, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot assist, and a lane departure warning system, standard in all trim levels.Everything looks good in place to allow you to move from the traditional mindset that off-roaders must be hardy and uncomfortable. The well-appointed cabin is appealing to the eyes with the ease of use of the dashboard buttons being an added advantage. The well-crafted interior made from high-quality materials gives it a premium look.

Conclusively, the Defender strikes the balance between off-roading and on-road driving dynamics offering a smooth ride on any terrain. It is easily a driving enthusiast’s first choice for uneven terrains and on-road experience in one package.

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