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Here’s What Makes The Ferrari F12 TDF Special

The Ferrari F12tdf was a mental reincarnation of the not-so-humble Ferrari F12, limited to just 799 units, and did 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds!

You can never go wrong while spotting a “Rosso Corsa” car out in the open to be anything else but a Ferrari. This Italian marque has created some of the most dramatic, iconic, and outright mental cars over the years. Talking of mental cars, there was a time when all Ferraris were front-engined rear-wheel-drive offerings. We are talking of the pre-1960s era when even Mr. Enzo thought of mid-engined cars to be too risky, to be handed over to the general public.

But soon after seeing the Lamborghini Miura in 1966 and the shockwave it created, Enzo green-lighted the production of the mid-engined Ferrari Dino in 1967. Over there years, there have been a few highlighting examples of front-engined cars, with the recent ones being – Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Ferrari FF, and Ferrari California T.

Among the recent ones, one has stood out to tickle the purists over and over again, for it to be worth over a million dollars in today’s time and date. The car in question is the Ferrari F12tdf that was launched in 2015 and sold out in a flash. It was based on the 2012 Ferrari F12 that was in turn a replacement for the Ferrari 599. The TDF was essentially a stripped-down, sharpened out F12, coded for the tracks, and limited to just 799 units.

An Ode To Ferrari’s Domination In The Tour De France Endurance Races Of The 50s

And it’s not just any other Ferrari, but the legendary Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta that won four consecutive years of the Tour De France endurance race. It downright obliterated the competition and was jotted down in history as one very special Ferrari. Apart from the name, the Ferrari F12tdf also utilizes the same powertrain layout of a front-engined V12 slapped to an RWD drivetrain.

This was and is still a very scary layout which gives the F12tdf the sinister vibe. The F12tdf will go down in history alongside the likes of legends like the F40 and Daytona. It even shoots past the value that the technologically advanced Ferrari LaFerrari because of its brute and raw nature, and the rich history that it carries.

A Glorious Naturally-Aspirated V12; The Last Of Its Kind

This is where all the magic starts. The Ferrari F12tdf uses a 6.3L Naturally Aspirated V12 that pumps out 769 hp and 519 lb-ft to the rear wheels only, via a specially tuned 7-Speed Dual-Clutch Automatic transmission. That’s 39 hp, and 9 lb-ft more than the standard F12. The powertrain layout is taken off the standard F12 but it gets an exceptional TDF treatment to go with its exclusivity.

It uses mechanical tappets and variable-geometry intake boxes that are taken right off its Formula 1 pedigree. These tweaks help in improving efficiency at higher revs, which is very crucial for a naturally aspirated car that loves to scream. Taking of the specially treated gearbox, Ferrari has revised its 7-Speed unit with 6% shorter gear ratios that translate to 30% faster upshifts and 40% quicker downshifts. Numbers do wonders, and Ferrari has taken the extra mile, to make the F12tdf worthy of history.

The Ferrari F12 TDF Does 0-60 Mph In 2.9 Seconds; The Least Scariest Part!

If a V12 up front that produces 769hp doesn’t scare you yet, then this Ferrari can do 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. And mind you, this is when the power is transmitted to the rear wheels only. The top speed has not been revealed ever, but with the aggression, it puts forth, it can easily surpass the top speed of its donor car, the F12 Bernilatte which hits 211 mph. The rev-limited has been raised to 8,900 rpm for the V12 to stretch its muscles.

Ferrari has also given the F12tdf a Virtual Short Wheelbase System which is the automaker’s fancy way of pointing out its 4-wheel steering system. It gets the same one-piece brake calipers as the LaFerrari which gives us a faint idea of the ferocity this limited-run old-school Ferrari possesses. It sure remains the last of the Hairy Ferraris!

Insane Aerodynamics And A Strict Diet Makes This A Brawny Ferrari

Weight reduction has not been taken lightly at all for the F12tdf. Ferrari has gone to great lengths to provide an impressively light car that can literally make you shit your pants! Not kidding, the people who can hoon cars like these around, are the ones to look out for, cos they fear nothing. For all of the dieting that this Ferrari has gone through, carbon fiber has been the weapon of choice.

All of the blacked-out bits that you see on the exterior are not out there for aesthetics, but it’s shouts of serious aerodynamic business. With all of its air-cutting wizardry, the aerodynamic efficiency is not at 1.6 which is double the standard F12. Downforce has also gone up to 507 pounds at 124 mph which is a 236 pound gain over the F12 Berniletta. It also gets a set of lighter 5-spoke alloy wheels which have the roller of the thinnest possible section to reduce weight. In all, the Ferrari F12tdf is 242.5 pounds lighter than its donor car which puts its curb weight to an impressive 3,119 pounds.

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