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Here’s What Makes The BMW 1M A Classic

Aren’t you curious to know what exactly is so special about the BMW 1M Coupe that people can stop drooling over it and then say no more!

It’s the year 2011, BMW E90 M3 is the entry-level M car, which has grown larger compared to the previous generations. It is a time when people want more power which made BMW quench this power thirst and how. The M3 is rocking the V8 engine while the M5 equipped with the humongous V10. This creates a gap in the entry-level segment and BMW thought it was a good idea to experiment with the popular 1-Series. The baby BMW 1-Series with an M badge floods the market, which the Bavarians sold only for a single year. Since 2011, enthusiasts never tire of showering compliments on this masterpiece for its marvelous deliverables and potential.

Aren’t you curious to know what exactly is so special about the BMW 1M Coupe that people can stop drooling over it and then say no more!

What’s Under The Hood?

BMW launched the 1 series in 2004 in four primary variants, namely: 3-door hatchback-E81, 2-door coupe-E82, 5-door hatchback-E87 & 2-door convertible-E88. The 1 series M coupe is the performance variant of the E82 series, where the M is the abbreviated form of Motorsport performance sub-brand.

What’s deployed under its hood might surprise you altogether given the fact that BMW has tried to fit in too much in a compact Coupe here. For starters, the engine is a 2979 cc. 182 cubic inch twin-turbocharged inline-6 cylinder N54 engine. As these cars share the same engine, it was cost-effective and an easy way for BMW to make a mean machine. Now, as impressive as that sounds, BMW didn’t put much thought or time into the development of a new engine and borrowed it from the E89 BMW Z4.

The enthusiasts’ love affair stems from the 6-speed manual transmission that is the biggest appeal to this tiny coupe. The engine sends all the power to the rear wheels making it just the perfect machine to drive around twisted, winding roads. All this can render a maximum power of 335 HP @ 5800 rpm and a torque force of 332 lb.-ft @ 1500 – 4500 rpm. Further, it can also produce an additional 47 lb.-ft torque during overboost.

Drive And Handling

Enough about the technical jargon now let’s move on to what it can do on the roads. Fascinatingly the 1M can accelerate from a complete standstill to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds, while it takes only 10.9 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 mph. Those are some terrific numbers, we need over 10 secs to even drink a glass full of water. Its top speed as recorded is 155 mph. Coming to mileage, it has an EPA of 19 mpg for cities and 26 for highways.

The chassis construction for the 1M is inspired and borrowed directly from the E90 M3. The front and rear axles, pivot points, links supports are all the same used in the M3. BMW mostly used aluminum while constructing the chassis to add the element of lightweight to the 1M. All these features coupled with a perfect 50-50 weight distribution made a 1M a very versatile car that’s fun to toss around in the corners and a great choice for beginners and experts all the same.

Price And Figures

The 1M is available at a basic price of $47,010 this includes standard features and a variety of additional packages like Convenience packages and premium packages that can be acquired for an additional $2700 and $2400, respectively. BMW produced 6,342 units worldwide, out of which only 983 were US spec. Just the sheer lack of numbers and high popularity among the masses made the 1M a star in the market and the 1M sold out like hot potatoes. The sales of the 1M Coupe shocked BMW, and it performed far better than anyone expected it to.

However, with time the price of the 1M has appreciated instead of depreciating. What this means is that the 1M now available in the used markets is more expensive than it was when it was retailed in 2011. Today, if you’re in the market to buy a BMW 1M you will find a few available, but they now go for a price of $56,000 on the low. There are a few sellers out there that are asking the low six digits for a low mileage 1M. The Coupe is so widely loved that even Top Gear presenter Chris Harris couldn’t stop himself and paid “Crazy-Money” to buy a 1M in 2017.

BMW 1M: A New Addition To Modern Classic?

For different people a classic car might hold a different definition, it’s like one size doesn’t fit all. Depending on individual tastes, preferences, and generation gap one model which might seem perfect to one may seem complete applesauce to someone else. So is there no proper guideline on how to decide whether we can consider a car to be a modern classic model? The answer is both yes and no because there are some parameters based on which we form an opinion whether a specific car’s worthy of the modern classic title, but there may be exceptions. Such criteria vary from iconic features, the character of the model, demand, production units, price, premium features, and so forth.

Let’s answer these questions one after the other. Is it iconic? Yes, it is because before they launched the 1M BMW was deviating from what made its 3-series a brilliant car. The 3-series lost its path and was much bigger with immense power which took away some driving pleasure. Is it still in demand? Yes, there is still a tremendous demand for a used 1M in the market. Was it a limited production? Yes, BMW capped the production to 6309 units. Is it popular among enthusiasts? Yes, enthusiasts love the little coupe. With great demand and love from the enthusiasts, the prices of the 1M are slowly appreciating to almost twice its original price in a frame of nine years.

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