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Here’s What Makes The 1 Series The Best BMW Hatchback

The BMW 1 Series diminishes all of those not-so-exciting expectations most other hatchbacks offer.

When looking for a hatchback, most customers look for performance and efficiency. Not only does the car need to be versatile and functional, but it also needs to be reliable. Driver thrills do not come often with hatchbacks as they are more of a functional car. Yet, the BMW 1 Series diminishes all of those not-so-exciting expectations most other hatchbacks offer.BMW has previously released several hatchbacks. The first of the BMW hatchbacks was the 1 Series, as a much more standard model. They are new to hatchbacks, having released their first in 2019.

More On The Performance Of The BMW 1 Series

The best and most popular BMW 1 Series to purchase is the 118i M Sport Steptronic, which boasts a 1.5 liter 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. The 118i model offers 140 horsepower, giving you more power than most expect from a regular hatchback.The styling and the driving are very sporty, whilst being comfortable and spacious. It is an all-rounder hatchback with more features than most hatchbacks offer. The performance is smooth due to the automatic gearbox.

Most 1 Series offer sat-nav, leather seats, and air-con, making the drive feel premium and luxurious. These features are in all models of the 1 Series and come with no extra cost. There are other features that can be added such as heated seats, media packs, larger engines, and extra interior comfort. Although it is a premium hatchback car, it is quite an affordable price in comparison to other cars with similar specifications.The lower suspension makes the BMW 1 Series very comfortable to drive, even over lumps and humps. The light steering makes driving seamless, for beginners and experts. Both features go hand in hand for the most comfortable and stress-free driving.

Why The 1 Series Stands Out Among Other BMW Hatchbacks

Hatchback designs often focus on the space and durability of the car. But, BMW has thought about much more than that. The interior speaks for itself. It’s minimalist and futuristic features make the 1 Series stand out among the other BMW series models.The dashboard boasts a 10.25-inch touch screen, which can be used for navigation, news, music, and more. These fun features make the car ideal for families as well as adventurers.

The futuristic and impressive features do not stop at the interior. The engine sizes range from 1.5 to 2 liters, giving the car ultimate speed and power. Its records show that the car can hit 60mph in less than 5 seconds.BMW offers its customers choice when they purchase the 1 Series. You can choose between manual and automatic gearboxes. Customers can also choose a four-door model, which is ideal for families.In certain packages of 1 Series models, there is built-in driver assistance to take the stress and worries out of driving. If you feel comfortable in the car and would prefer not to be assisted, this can be turned off.

The newest 1 Series has changed from a back-wheel to a front-wheel drive. This redesign was to offer more room for passengers. The four wheels now sit at a wider stance and lower than before. More room for passengers is what all hatchbacks aim for. Now, the 1 Series can fit five adults as opposed to a tight squeeze for four. After all, it is a car for comfort and practicality.BMW is well known for releasing fast and fun sports cars. Yet, the fun and speed do not stop at the sport models. The BMW 1 Series can pick up speed, grip tough terrains, and provide fun just like the sport-designed cars can.

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