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Here’s Everything We Know About The 2022 Fisker Ocean

Let’s take a closer look at what we know so far about the 2022 Fisker Ocean.

Worldwide, the EV market witnessed a compound annual growth rate of more than 50% in 2017 and 2018, according to McKinsey & Company. Despite slower growth last year, PV Magazine reports that projections show EVs accounting for 10% of vehicles globally in 2025 and 28% by the end of this decade. One company looking to cash in on this trend is Fisker, with their all-electric Ocean SUV. This vehicle will have a competitive starting price of just $37,499 and a range of up to 300 miles.

Henrik Fisker announced the Ocean in March 2019, and his promise saw some light at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. Though there are many details yet to be announced, what we know so far of the Fisker Ocean shows the promise of a potentially absorbing and standout entry for the evolving EV landscape. Further, the carmaker’s Electrify America partnership may mean plenty of complimentary charging deals for buyers. From a sustainability POV, not only will the Ocean be a zero-emissions SUV, but it will also come with a solar roof and 100% vegan interior. Fittingly, some of its interior features will even be made from ocean waste.

Modern Interior With Nature In Mind

The uncomplicated but modern interior of this SUV features a convenient layout with plenty of up to date technology. Its 9.8-inch instrument screen takes center stage, providing lots of hi-tech interface operations. The dashboard of the Ocean also encompasses a digital gauge cluster and two wireless chargers. It is unclear whether there will be intuitive smartphone integration as part of the Fisker Ocean interior. With the company promoting the Ocean as an affordable EV, we don’t expect the fascia to be overly packed with advanced features.

Notably, the car’s eco-friendly makeup includes a solar roof that can add an extra 1,000 miles per year and an upholstery consisting of recycled materials and polyester fiber. Some commentators suspect that the Ocean gets its name from the fact that reclaimed fishing nets will be used to make its regenerated nylon carpeting.

What About Performance And Range?

This model will have 2WD and AWD options, and according to Fisker, they intend for the fastest variant to provide zero to 60 acceleration in under 3 seconds. The AWD edition will offer over 300hp, although a more powerful option is also on the cards. Reportedly, the Ocean will feature a lithium-ion battery pack with an 80kWh+ capacity. The Ocean will have a range of approximately 250-300 miles and prove compatible with most EV charging stations thanks to its DC-fast charging plug.

Fisker also plans to offer an unspecified number of complimentary charging deals thanks to their partnership with Electrify America. According to Fisker, charging the Ocean from 15% to 80% power will add about 200 miles of range and take just half an hour at a charging rate of 150kW. However, the Ocean will also be suitable for domestic charging. Further, Ocean customers will benefit from driver-assist technology, although to what extent is yet to be seen.

But we do know that this vehicle will come with D-pillar activation for indicators, air ducts for improved airflow at the rear bumper, slim LED taillights and headlights, 22″ wheels, and a roll down rear windshield. And there’ll even be a karaoke mode that will show song lyrics on the head-up display. We’re still waiting on many details, such as how efficient the Ocean will be, and more specifically, what its city vs highway MPGe ratings will come to, but we hope that more will be announced in 2021. When we have new information, we’ll provide you with a more up-to-date breakdown.

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