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GMC Hummer EV To Come With Autonomous Technology

Hummer EV engaging autonomous technology when changing lanes and overtaking another vehicle.The iconic Hummer brand is now electric and GMC has left no stone unturned in making it as modern as possible. Besides being fully electric, it is also loaded with a range of advanced driver aid and connectivity features. For instance, it gets the pre-configured drive modes or the massive 13.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system that gives access to a wide range of connectivity options and the list is endless.

Interestingly, the GMC Hummer EV is a step ahead of the first stage autonomous tech which basically is an advanced cruise control technology where the vehicle maintains safer distance in from vehicle in the same lane and applies brakes on its own if it senses the possibility of an imminent collision. Of course, this function is active only at certain speeds speed.

In addition to these features, the video also shows the Hummer EV changing lanes and overtaking a pick-up truck in its lane. And yes! The auto lane change mode activation also pops up on the instrument panel when the vehicle is attempting any overtake or changing lanes.

All the features surely adds a sense of modernity and exclusivity to the Hummer brand which earlier was perceived as old school. Be it the crab mode where all four wheels can turn at 10-degrees to slide the vehicle or these autonomous tech, everything makes the Hummer EV more modern. The Hummer EV is driven by GMC’s next generation Ultium propulsion technology and the Ultium batteries.

The Hummer EV gets three electric motors which make a total of 1,000 bhp and close to 16,000 Nm of torque (on the wheel) and about 1,900 Nm of motor torque. The Hummer EV surely throws some impressive numbers at you. Thanks to the 24 module double-stacked Ultium battery pack, GMC says that the Hummer EV has range of over 560 km on a single charge.

The batteries have the technology to change its circuitry from parallel to series while charging, which makes it compatible with 350 kW fast-charging machines that give close to 160 km of range in just 10 minutes of charging. Plus, the Hummer EV gets a special ‘Watts-To-Freedom’ program which unleashes the full power on tap and allows the electric SVU to do the 0-100 kmph sprint in a shade over 3 seconds, which is proper sportscar territory.

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