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Exploring The Innovative Features Of The Lamborghini Sián

Apart from having one of the most captivating designs, Lamborghini has incorporated a lot of new technologies to enhance the Sián’s capabilities.

The Sián FKP 37 is the first supercar to incorporate a naturally aspirated V12 with a supercapacitor hybrid powertrain.  Apart from having one of the most captivating designs of any supercar, Lamborghini has incorporated a lot of new technologies to enhance the Sián’s capabilities.

Every surface of the Sián is specially crafted with new types of smart materials and precisely engineered panels. It is seen as not just another iteration in the Lamborghini line but an indication of their future directions as an automaker.

The essence of Sián, the Italian word for “Lightning”, is harnessed through the car’s 807-hp capacity and 600 peak amp electric system.

Here, we will explore the new technology of the Sián and how it is shaping the automaker’s vision for the future.

Gateway To The Future

The innovative materials used in the Sián are a strong indicator of the automaker’s cutting edge tech-oriented philosophy. Mitja Borkert, Head of Design for Automobili Lamborghini, remarked “The fastest Lamborghini must be a visual and symphonic feast, as remarkable to those who see it pass by as those privileged to drive it”. It’s clear that consumers responded to the remarkably refined features of the Sián; All of the models were sold out almost immediately after its release.

Design Derived From Classic Lamborghinis

According to Lamborghini, the chassis was inspired by the Countach with elements such as the Y-shaped headlights derived from the futuristic Terzo Millenio concept. Classic hexagonal shapes are incorporated throughout, accentuating the futuristic, aggressive aesthetic and paying tribute to the legendary Miura.

Classic features throughout the Lamborghini models gives each model in the lineup a unique identity while maintaining overall cohesiveness.  “Lamborghini is inherently a rule breaker, a challenger, always pushing what is possible to find a better solution”, said CEO Stefano Domenicali.

Supercapacitor Hybrid Powertrain

The Sián is the first supercar to implement a supercapacitor power source. This technology has been extensively developed via a partnership between the automaker and MIT labs. The patented technology is a never-before-seen step in automotive engineering and builds upon the Metal-Organics Framework of advanced materials science.

A naturally aspirated Lamborghini V12 combines with the supercapacitor to produce 807 horsepower, going from 0-60 in less than 2.8 seconds. A top speed exceeding 220mph is just one item in its long list of efficient features.

The naturally aspirated 60º V12 has been refined and meticulously tuned by the automaker since its inception. Power is resupplied via regenerative braking, and the supercapacitor provides a 1:1 charge-discharge ratio to amplify efficiency.  Electric motors are integrated into the gearbox for unprecedented power supplied directly to the wheels.

Front and rear suspension employs horizontally mounted magnetorheological dampers. Active suspension means the spring stiffness will adjust automatically to accommodate the terrain. The automaker adds their proprietary Dynamic Steering for extra handling abilities.

When higher gears are engaged, the traction force is amplified by approximately 20% and reduces acceleration times.  It comes standard with an electronic stability system that includes both traction control and anti-lock brakes. The electronically modulated all-wheel drive configuration provides excellent handling with superior control.

Remarkable Materials Technology

Sián houses a remarkable materials system that successfully integrates alloy chemistry with the aerodynamic design. Active aerodynamics are enhanced by Lamborghini’s “Smart Materials System”. Vent flaps and air outlets are actuated via the morphing shape memory alloys.  Future Lamborghinis could incorporate such technology due to the dynamic efficiency of these materials.

Shape memory alloys eliminate the need for mechanical actuation through their ability to change chemical structure in response to stress or temperature variables. Typically used for aeronautics, biomedical purposes and robotics, these alloys help the Sián autonomously control airflow without adding any weight to the vehicle.

Premium materials are used in the construction of the Sián; The body is entirely carbon fiber, while the engine has titanium intake valves. The Ad Personam program allows the user to choose custom liveries and materials.  Custom colors are painted with the automaker’s advanced paint system, leaving the factory with a protective film that ensures the durability of the finish.

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