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Classic Japanese Cars Stanced To Perfection

Not everyone is a fan of so-called stanced cars, but in reality, all cars have stance – and if done right, it can improve the looks immensely.

There is not just one way of modifying a classic car. Even it was the case, the world would have a much more boring place. Cultural differences, though sometimes difficult to overcome, makes this world such a vibrant and interesting place. Asia is one of the most exotic and mind-blowing continents for people in the US thanks to the culinary, linguistic, and cultural diversity that exists between the two places. Japan is by far the Asian country that has been able to export several aspects of its culture successfully.

Stanced cars, that is cars that are extremely lowered or with insane negative cambers, originated from Japan. Though somewhat unpopular in western countries, it is quite common to bump into a crazily stanced ride in California or Washington, for example. Some people claim stanced cars look ridiculous. Well, haters gon’ hate. Just ask what Japanese tuners think of donk style and spinners. Ok. Arigato.


Datsun 510

Datsun, a semi-defunct then resurrected Japanese manufacturer, is now part of Nissan. From the late 1960s until the late 1980s, Datsun released cars for different usage. The 510, though marketed as a middle-income family car, became quite popular among car fans with an inclination for mind-blowing restomod work.

Thanks to its successes as a rally car, the 510 started getting shipped around the world and became an immediate hit. Its affordable nature and gas-efficient engine conquered a swath of people that were getting hit hard by the oil crisis. Its 96hp and 100mph top speed were more than enough for the vast majority of people.


Lexus GS300

Lexus, the luxury brand owned by Toyota, has been a beacon of success in the US. Unlike Kia or Hyundai, Lexus is a serious contender to most German brands widely available on the market. The GS Series is the larger mid-sized sedan manufactured by the Japanese company. Its very Japanese design makes it among the favorite car to customize.

The GS 300 is so beautifully designed that tinted windows, some deep-dished BBS looking rims and some low-pro tires give it a nice look. Add to this is some negative cambers and the car looks like the perfect ride to cruise down the streets of Tokyo on a Friday night. Notice that the stock bumpers and exhaust tips are a telltale sign that the car is American owned.


Nissan GTR

Liberty Walk was made famous thanks to its widebodied Nissan GTRs. Giving them a more aggressive look, Liberty Walk seems to be highly inspired by the Nippon modding style. The sun rays on the door kind of give it away. This specific GTR looks like its coming straight out of the remake of Akira. It would be nice to see this GTR in anime driven by the neither good nor bad protagonist.


Mazda RX7

The Toyota Supra’s main rival: the Mazda RX7 and its infamous rotary engine. Though this car goes through oil faster than a McDonald’s deep fryer, it is nonetheless a classic in the world of imports. The RX7 with its 1.3L R2 prudent 255hp is another marvel coming out of Japan.

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