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Check Out The Most Expensive Hummer For Sale In The United States

The H1 was first sold in 1992 by AM General, and it was basically a civilian version of the military M998 Humvee. Due to its significant success, in 1998 GM bought the nameplate and sold the H1 until 2006. GM also offered two other Hummers, the H2 and H3. Both did very well initially, but as gas prices went up, their appeal to the general public faded rapidly.

As you might already know, GM is bringing back the Hummer as an electric truck with 1,000 horsepower and performance numbers that you would only expect from high-end sports cars.

While we wait for this new truck to come out, let’s check out the craziest old-school Hummer in the country: A diesel Hummer H1, with 700 horsepower, huge wheels, and an absurd price tag.

This One Is Fully Customized

The H1 came with several engine options, but this particular H1 is sporting a swapped diesel Duramax 6.6L V8 16-valve that was only offered in the 2006 model year (this is a 2004 H1). The engine was tuned up to deliver 700Hp.

One of the several modifications this H1 has is an off-road package that includes a winch capable of pulling 12,000 lbs, a wide-body kit, 12K Half Shafts, Up-Armored Shock Suspension Kit, and of course, a full-time 4wd powertrain, with manual transferase and permanent Locking Hubs. As you might have expected, this Hummer is not easy on gas, so they installed a 17.0 gal. auxiliary gas tank.

The exterior is painted in a Matte Metalic Green with Carbon Fiber accents in the Hood Scoop. It’s riding black wheels with massive 46-inch tires and many LED custom light bars. Moving into the interior, this H1 features quilted leather seats with green stitching and a Monsoon audio system with eight speakers.

These Mods Don’t Come Cheap

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