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Big Boy Toyz holds its place in Global market

Big Boy Toyz is a prominent premium pre-owned car company that deals in luxury cars and hypercar. The headquarters are situated in Gurgaon, India. They provide refurbished pre-owned cars to the customer with assured quality. Recently the company’s name has been highlighted on the global stage, the company as added a new feature to its app and website i.e. ‘New car portal’ that provides aggregate information of the luxury car and companies not only from India but from the entire world. By updating its platform with this facility the company has become a new example of a digital automobile platform.

This new car portal has been an eye-catching feature for automobile enthusiasts. Not just Indians but enthusiasts all around the world are stating BBT as a conclusive and best auto guide. This new feature on the websites makes it possible for the auto bloggers, customers and enthusiasts to get important information under the same roof. Numerous luxury automakers are listed on the website with their luxury machines and other specifications and data. Pricing of global cars is also provided in Indian currency with the on-road price and import duties, making it easy for Indian buyers to compare the cars and choose the right one. The website has been updated with a filter page too.

Top global hypercar brands are also mentioned under a single place. The website also gives automatic recommendations and quick comparisons of cars. This makes it very easy to gather knowledge about multiple car brands without surfing the internet again and again. Hypercar companies like Bugatti, Pagani, McLaren, Ferrari etc are listed on the website for the Indian content finders.

The founder and CEO of BBT, Mr Jatin Ahuja “This new addition to the Big Boy Toyz website will work in sync with the luxury Indian automobile industry- thus ensuring BBT brings together the Global Automotive industry and the global auto enthusiasts on one platform. This revolutionary step on their 11th anniversary has pinned BBT in the global auto industry sphere as it showcases how the Indian pre-owned industry has emerged as an organized technologically sound sector with a major player like BBT leading the way. Every step that we take at Big Boy Toyz is done keeping consumer satisfaction in mind. The auto industry is going through a change, and we know that change is the only constant. As a young team, we are eager to evolve and grow, but we ensure that quality is the foremost priority, followed by experiential marketing – be it via showroom tour or via virtual tour of our website & the BBT App.”

BBT has contributed to set an image of the country on the worldwide automobile platform too, which would enhance our image globally.

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