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Automaker De Tomaso leaving Italy and relocating to America

De Tomaso Automobili is an Italian automaker not lesser than a legacy for Italy has recently announced to relocate to America. Is De Tomaso ditching Italy for America?

Well, this company was founded by an Argentine car racer named Alejandro de Tomaso in Modena in 1959. The main aim of the company was to put their legs into Formula racing and sports cars. De Tomaso has made luxurious cars as well. In 1971, Ford acquired 84% stake in De Tomaso. Right now the company is owned by Ideal Team Ventures which is Hong Kong-based and in 2019 the company is being resuscitated in a new form with its first product i.e. P72 (supercar).

Ryan Berris, CEO/CMO of De Tomaso says, “We can never forget where we came from”. De Tomaso used to be referred to as a huge Italian-Argentine-American company as after getting collaborated with Ford the company has old relationships with America. It cannot be presented as “ditching Italy” but De Tomaso just wants to revive and get the name back as it used to be and the USA is a perfect place for mid auto companies to grow. Not just being selfish! The company has also said that they wanna execute the AAR mission that stands for American Automotive Renaissance. “We will reignite the romance, beauty, passion, and elegance of luxury American automobiles,” says Ryan Berris. They have planned to relocate their designs, corporate and production facilities to the USA completely by the fourth quarter of 2022 and start the production of their first supercar P72 in America itself, which is a profitable deal for the USA too.

Our love of automotive history and of the glory days of American automotive design and provenance is what drives us to take on this effort and make it our mission,” said Ryan Berris, CEO/CMO of De Tomaso Automobili. After announcing this they expressed that this will create more opportunities for American hidden talents that they would hire for their production. They also express that De Tomaso has made a significant history with its cars but could not build strong pillars in supercars like Ferrari, Lamborghini etc are having. They are looking for a fresh start in America that can uplift the reputation of the company and auto industry of the US both. Right now the partnership with Ford has been set up in Detroit. The company is negotiating for the 50,000 square feet building in the area. Berris says, “they are looking for other locations too”.

The P72 was unveiled in the middle of last year and because the company is owned by Ideal Team Ventures, which also controls Apollo Automobili, the P72 shares its carbon fiber with the Apollo IE. However, whereas the IE features a screaming, naturally-aspirated V12 engine Ford-sourced supercharged 5.0-litre V8 that has been developed with Roush. P72 has been selected as the first product of the company with the intention of giving tribute to the historic racing car of De Tomaso i.e. P70 ( Sport 5000 ) which was made in 1965. The car P72 name stands for Pantera 72 which means Panther in Italian. Immensely powerful car is being offered a power of 700 horsepower and 825 Nm torque and will be launched at a price of about USD 850,000. A 6-speed manual transmission will be given in the car. It will be produced in the USA and can be seen as a thread to bring back the old relationship between De Tomaso and America. Only 72 units of cars have been planned in the first lot, and the company has not planned for the future right now. We hope this rebirth of P70 brings back the nostalgic beauty of the company.

Berris says that production of vehicles like P72 is already enduring but would not be revealed right now. He also addressed that the company is not rushing to go into EVs, they will concentrate on the production they are comfortable with, but the De Tomaso lineup will go for an electric vehicle someday.

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