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2022 Subaru BRZ Debuts With Proper Sports Car Power And Looks

Subaru dropped in a 2.4-liter FA platform engine under the hood that produces 228 hp.Today was the day Subaru fans had been waiting for when the next generation BRZ would be revealed and more power would be delivered to the small sports car. While many were hoping that Subaru would imbue the BRZ with forced induction of one sort or another, that hasn’t come to pass. Nevertheless, it sounds like this new generation will carry the torch in a way that makes real and meaningful improvements to the original car. Let’s dig into everything we just found out about the new 2022 Subaru BRZ.

In the promotional video that Subaru released with the announcement of the 2022 BRZ, they point out that so many companies focus on straight-line speed without the balance to handle a curve or two when they arrive. Subaru rally legend once said that “straight roads were for fast cars while curves were for driver.” Subaru certainly has followed that design ethos by improving the torsional stiffness of the car and achieving a near-perfect 50-50 weight balance. Combine those attributes with a driver-focused cockpit and you get some strong ingredients for what should turn out to be a great sports coupe. What we all wondered though was how much power it would get.

This Boxer 4-Cylinder Is Strong Enough To Impress

Subaru has dropped its 2.4-liter FA platform engine under the hood of the new BRZ and they say they’ve managed to put it even lower in the structure to improve the center of gravity. This particular boxer motor produces 228 horsepower which is a 23 to 28 horsepower bump depending on the outgoing model that you compare it to.

It might not sound like much but thanks to that bump and the 28 lb-ft increase in torque, it’ll be more than enough to feel a dramatic difference between that outgoing model and this one. In addition, drivers will have the choice between a proper 3-pedal manual transmission or an automatic with paddle shifters mounted to the steering wheel.

That’s going to give Subaru the chance to employ its radar cruise control “Eyesight” on the BRZ which will be a first. The interior gets a fully digital gauge cluster too. Overall, it seems like this BRZ is going to be a dramatic improvement on the previous generation. Subaru took everything we loved about the little sports car and turned the dial up just a bit without forgetting the whole point of the exercise. We can’t wait to drive it.

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