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2021 Audi S5 Sportback: Here’s What We’re Expecting

Audi has again outdone itself with their S5 Sportback, in what is expected to be one of the best vehicle choices of 2021.

Audi is yet to disappoint vehicle enthusiasts with its continued release of state-of-the-art cars known for their great designs, comfort, and impressive performance. There is much anticipation for the 2021 Audi S5 Sportback expected to bring class and luxury in a sport sedan like never seen before.

Besides performance, it is a game-changer that offers a lot of practicality that lacks from competitors of its range. It is not the most hyped anticipated release of 2021, but this shows how much the S5 Sportback is underrated. In general, Audi is recognized as one of the biggest German manufacturers of superior vehicles, which have sold numerous units worldwide. There is just something about the brand that is bespoke, luxurious, and timeless.

Audi S5 Sportback Specifications

The engine attracts the most curiosity in any new vehicle release, as the S5 Sportback boasts of a 3-liter, 349 horsepower, turbo V6 engine with a gasoline direct injection fueling system. It is all-wheel-drive with eight-speed transmission making it suitable on roads and off-road trails.

Sporty features include a single-frame grille at the front of the car with a unique honeycomb-like detailing characteristic of a sports car. Standard 18 inch alloy wheels give it an impeccable look, and you can easily switch them up with 19-inch variants. LED front and rear lights and additional laser lights on the top make it stand out from a basic sedan to have that extra sporty feel.

New Features Expected In The 2021 Model

Irrespective of which trim is preferred, some features apply across all options. These include a unique Audi interface that supports Apple wireless car play. You also get a lane departure notification or warning suitable on busy highways, together with an automated mode to relay payment on toll roads.

Added features on specific trims include heated back seats in the topmost Prestige variant. With Premium Plus, you enjoy capabilities such as the lane-keeping assist feature and a cleverly installed top camera. It also has luxury leather seats and a charging area that supports wireless charging for smartphones.The Convenience model also has modifications, notably on the parking lights, equipped with sensors for better parking ease. Owners will benefit from a heated steering wheel mechanism ideal during the winter season.

Is The S5 Sportback Worth Your Money?

The S5 Sportback variants will be released at a range of USD 53,545 to USD 61,895, depending on the preferred trim. The vehicle offers good value for money and challenges its older coupe and convertible competitors significantly. It is a more functional car in a sleek design and fulfills most of the primary obligations of a vehicle its size.

It is spacious across all trims, and the all-wheel-drive feature ensures it drives perfectly on standard roads and some off-road trails—limited due to the smaller ground clearance obviously due to its size and sedan style.Premium Plus is an ideal choice that bears good qualities for its price point. It should launch at USD 57,095, which is justified by its features and how quietly it drives. The best part is you can always modify your S5 to enhance performance if you are a car fanatic and require additional specifications in your car.

Is The Audi S5 Sportback Fast?

The S5 Sportback bears an impressive speed record getting from zero to 60mph in a record of 4.3 seconds. Faster competitors are hitting this mark in a second or two more, but in general, this acceleration rate is terrific.

There is a lot to expect with an eight-speed transmission from this car, which does not disappoint. It is a fast car powered by a large engine that enhances its performance on the road. There is better performance with this model than its predecessor, and the Sportback demonstrates more power and torque with ease.Coupled up with its rapid acceleration, you can drive super fast on the freeway and overtake without a hassle. The car’s response is impressive, enabling drivers to control the vehicle even at greater speeds.

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