2020 Aston Martin DB11 tops this month’s list of discounts

A pair of German luxury sedans sit in the next two spots


When we drove the Aston Martin DB11 for the first time, we said that it “stands out” and that “it delivers on the promise of Aston’s potential for a successful second century.” But we also said, “There must be a reason to buy the Aston beyond the fact that it turns heads at the country club.” In case its stunning good looks and 600-horsepower 5.2-liter twin-turbo V8 weren’t enough to grab your attention, how about a discount of nearly $20,000?

Right now, buyers of the 2020 Aston Martin DB11 are paying, on average, $182,435. According to data provided to Autoblog from Truecar, that’s a discount of $19,385 from the British coupe’s average suggested retail price of $201,820. That’s the largest discount on a new car in America this month, based on the dollar amount off the car’s sticker price.

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