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2013 Mustang Shelby GT500: Cost, Facts, And Performance Overview

The classic muscle aesthetic of the ’13 Shelby makes it uniquely attractive and its enhanced handling makes it a practical choice.

The 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby can easily be considered one of the favorite model years for the classic muscle car.  With 662-hp and 631 lb-ft of torque, it has one of the most powerful V8 engines ever released in an American production car.  Ford outfitted the GT500 to max out horsepower, adding a new supercharger and driveshaft along with updated camshafts, clutch, and transmission.

Even after the release of the 2020 GT500, the 2013 model remains a popular edition for collectors and performance enthusiasts. A total of 4,885 were produced; Upon its release, its MSRP started at $54,995. The classic muscle aesthetic of the ’13 Shelby makes it uniquely attractive and its enhanced handling makes it a practical choice.

Initial tests of the ’13 GT500 revealed its solid handling, rapid reactivity, and performance gains over previous models. In the front, independent MacPherson struts come standard with a 33.2mm x 5.0mm tubular stabilizer, twin tube dampers, and optional Bilstein monotube adjustable dampers. The rear suspension consists of a 3-link solid axle with coil springs and a panhard rod. A 23mm stabilizer bar and Bilstein adjustable monotube dampers are available for the rear as well.

Plenty of stopping power is needed for this torque monster; Ford equips the car with Brembo vented discs in the front and rear, 15” and 13.8”. The front and rear employ six-piston and single-piston aluminum calipers, respectively. 10-spoke forged aluminum wheels with standard Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperCar tires grip the road with ease.

All-speed traction control is combined with quad-sensor ABS for a 60-0mph braking distance of approximately 101’.  “The break-away characteristics under power are quite smooth and controllable, as long as the driver is reasonably judicious with the throttle”, commented MotorTrend’s Andrew Bornhop.

5.8L V8 SVT Engine

Under the hood of the ’13 Shelby is a 90° supercharged DOHC V8. The 351cid engine is an aluminum block with a forged-steel crankshaft and connecting rods.  A pleasant rumble emerges from the 3.5″ stainless steel H-pipe exhaust. A total of 662 horsepower (at 6500 rpm) and 631 lb-ft of torque (at 4000rpm) can be harnessed from the 5.8L V8.

This power plant is similar to the 5.4L V8 used in ’11-’12 models with the addition of piston oil squirters, an aluminum sump and a larger oil pump. The block features Ford’s unique plasma transfer wire arc technology as opposed to traditional cylinder liners.

Ford engineers also upgraded cooling in the form of a three-row intercooler, larger fans and additional 3mm coolant routes. The 5.8L V8 has a bore of 93.5mm, increased 3” from the previous model for a bore x stroke of 3.68” x 4.17”. A 2.3L Roots-type Eaton supercharger provides a maximum of 14.0psi boost and pushes 2,300cm³ of air per rotation.

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