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10 Used American Cars Every Gearhead Should Own

There are plenty of classic American cars available for pretty much any budget, so there’s no excuse for never having owned one!

A gearhead is someone who is interested in mechanics and machinery, particularly cars, and especially in finding ways to improve their performance or appearance. Fixing up cars has been a popular hobby in the US for decades, although most drivers are happy just to learn a few basic car repairs to save them some money.

Learning how to change the oil or how to fix a flat tire is not enough for a real gearhead, however. They love nothing more than taking on a real automotive project, fixing up an old, used car that has seen better days, but which only needs a little TLC and elbow grease to restore the vehicle to its former glory.

10. First Generation Chevy Pickup

Some vehicles are top of every gearhead’s car shopping list thanks to their iconic status in the America’s automotive history. Pickup trucks are a quintessentially American vehicle, and while it is unlikely that amateur gearheads would be willing or able to fix up one of the first-ever pickup models from the 1920s.

However, the first-generation Chevrolet AK Series pickup is a stylish and popular project car from the 1940s. Some owners have even transformed their vintage pickups into sleek 21st century hotrods.

9. Pontiac Firebird

Muscle cars, another typical American vehicle, are high-performance coupes often with V8 engines and aggressive styling. They enjoyed their heyday in the 60s and 70s, which is when the production of the Pontiac Firebird started. The iconic vehicle was eventually canceled in 2002, by then, it was only a shadow of the original models.

The earliest Firebird models are most popular with gearheads, and the Trans Am version, which boasted a more powerful engine, is one of the most famous American cars of all time.

8. Mercury Cougar

Mercury was a division of Ford which was closed down in 2011, over 70 years after it was first founded by Edsel Ford, son of the famous Henry Ford. One of Mercury’s best-selling vehicles was the Mercury Cougar pony car.

Production on the Cougar first started in 1967, when it was introduced as an upscale version of the Ford Mustang muscle car, but after selling over 2 million models the vehicle was eventually canceled in 2002.

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