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10 Of The Coolest Audi Concepts We’ve Ever Seen

Few, if any, car manufacturers have built as many cool concept cars over the years as Audi has. We only wish they would put them into production!

Even though concept cars are very cool, they can also be quite annoying. Not due to functional reasons, but due to the fact that the manufacturer refuses to put them into production. Sometimes, this doesn’t really matter, but other times, when the concepts in question are really, really cool, it’s a real shame.

Pretty much all auto manufacturers are guilty of this, and that doesn’t exclude the Ingolstadt-based premium and performance giant Audi. Throughout the years, Audi has made some truly cool concept cars, and to this day we’re sad that they never made production. Here are 10 of the coolest ones.

10. Rosemeyer

Ever heard the word “bizarre” used in a positive connotation? Well, that’s the closest thing we’d use to describe this extremely unusual concept Audi. As well as the 1930s-inspired stainless steel body, this, along with the Bentley Hunaudières concept of the same time period, used an early evolution of the W16 engine that eventually found its way into the Bugatti Veyron.

In the Rosemeyer, named after a legendary race car driver, it was paired up with a 6-speed manual transmission. Sadly, it never saw the production green light, and it was never planned to. A real shame.

9. Avus Quattro

Another mid-engined concept similar to the Rosemeyer, though this came first. Instead of the massive W16, the Avus was meant to use a W12 engine. As the powertrain was still in development at the time, the Avus featured a dummy engine in the rear.

Though it was never destined for production, it was still an excellent showcase of new technology and developments, with Audi turning down huge offers from would-be customers. The engine, for one thing, but also NACA ducts, the hand-beaten aluminum panels, which allowed for this featherweight car to reach a theoretical top speed of 210 mph – in 1991.

8. A8 Coupe

As much as it might not seem like it, this was indeed a concept. Well, a fully working prototype of the concept, more specifically. A concept so mysterious, there are barely any photos of it online, no matter how hard you look.

This Coupe is based on the D2 A8 (the first generation), and it’s safe to assume that it would have competed with the BMW 8 Series and Mercedes CL-Class of the day. But it never saw the light of day. Sadly, Audi canned this car due to a lack of faith in potential sales numbers, and has never made a Coupe version of any generation of the A8 that followed.

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